Arms · Back

Upper body Wednesday – back focus

4x each exercise:

Lat pull down. 60lbs. 12 reps
Sit down row. 20lbs each. 11 reps
Bench over row. 35 lbs. 12 reps

Overhead Tricep. 20lbs. 10reps

Plate raise. 10lbs. 20 reps

Side twists. 10lbs. 30 sec

Chest fly. 10lb. 5 reps

Bicep curl. 10lb. 8 reps

Shoulder press. 10 lb. 10 reps

25 minutes on elliptical

Few minutes foam rolling 

Foam rolling does not feel nice. You are pressing into the tissues of your muscle trying to help ease the pain later by going thru some presently. You get to help break up the scar tissue, release some of the lactic acid and give yourself a deep tissue massage. It helps speed up the recovery time for muscles. 

I guess I joined the cardio train and foam rolling train and will be trying to do more foam rolling from here out because my legs are always so tight. 


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